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Cardiology is a medical field which deals with diseases and conditions of the heart. The term comes from the Greek word translated as kardia, which means heart or inner self. Physicians who are experts in this area of medicine are called cardiologists. The specialty includes diagnosis and management of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, • Read More »

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Ahrens Ceramic Use

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In chimney engineering pleased can count ceramic of increasing popularity to the properties of ceramics including a heat resistance up to well over 1000 C, the high abrasion and wear resistance, comprehensive corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and dimensional stability. And Ahrens Schornsteintechnik from Wieselburg is to harness these strengths. The nationwide Wieselburger companies offers profound • Read More »

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The Cohabitation

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But suppose we could solve us (and also want it) from the supplied instincts and drives and sex secondary, perhaps out of politeness, or out of necessity only for the purpose of reproduction operate. What would the world look like then? One suspects it already: the cohabitation between men and women is not always smoothly, • Read More »

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Feasible Repayment Schemes

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Short term student loans are the wealth of the resources for the poor credit people and for the independent minded students those who wants to finish their higher studies. Short term student loans are the wealth of the resources for the poor credit people and for the independent minded students those who wants to finish • Read More »


Fund Manager Of The

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Luximo Holding AG feels confirmed in investment strategy; great potential for investments in Wurzburg, 22.06.2011. What investment strategy does currently best? The Vontobel Bank House wanted to know and invited, in October of last year with the aim of ten money managers from southern Germany, six months from a fictitious capital certificates to achieve the • Read More »

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Functional Medical Bed

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Multifunctional medical bed designed for the care, supervision and care for immobile patients at home and in hospitals. Multifunctional medical bed has adjustable sections, with different angle: head, hip and foot. Depending on the quantity of controlled sections, the bed can be 2, 3-x and 4-functional. Adjusting bed medical bed sections may be mechanical and • Read More »


Worlds Largest Medical Trade Fair

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New from Brainworks from November 18 to 21 advises the Brainworks GmbH their customers at the MEDICA 2009 in Dusseldorf at the stand A51 in Hall 15 on the topics of digital speech recognition and processing systems. For years, many doctors and hospitals put on dictation software and the mobile solutions of the Berlin company. • Read More »

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Specific Medical Facilities

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Special case of death accompanying care – the right nursing home will find often people who whose health or social behaviour more difficult a life together with other residents or impossible, are not absorbed by many nursing homes. There are homes, which specializes in various medical problems. For example, many homes today have an own • Read More »

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Medical Photos Around The Clock

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The University Hospital Cologne Pixelboxx uses as media database for documentation and public relations MedizinFotoKoln, a service of the University Hospital of Cologne, now features a Pixelboxx media asset management system as a central image and media database with the option to manage video clips. Thanks to the dedicated access control both departments and clinics, • Read More »


Spitta Publishing House

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Five decades experience, coupled with sophisticated search technologies complete, concise, detailed, reliable, up-to-date, future-oriented: so which presents itself for more than five decades Congress calendar proven medicine of the Spitta Publishing House, Balingen, in all its variants: book, CD, online. In the new edition 2011/2012 of the CD and book version, appears in the middle • Read More »


Medical Malpractice

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People who able to enforce their claims but retroactively for 30 years and can get right in court. Should the suspected close, you have to complain about the failure of a physician, a compensation / damages with the right approach and knowledgeable correspondents certainly are, so Stefanie brand village, operator of the website upadated victim • Read More »

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