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Cardiology is a medical field which deals with diseases and conditions of the heart. The term comes from the Greek word translated as kardia, which means heart or inner self. Physicians who are experts in this area of medicine are called cardiologists. The specialty includes diagnosis and management of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, electro-physiology and valvular heart disease.
Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are two different types of doctors. Cardiac surgeons are physicians who preform heart surgery through sternotomy, in which the patient’s chest is opened for operative procedures on the heart and/or great vessels.

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Sustainable Development

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According to International Program of Segurana Qumica (PISQ), more than exists 750,000 substances known in the environment, being of natural origin or result of the activity human being. About seventy a thousand daily they are used by the man, and approximately the forty a thousand in significant commercial amounts as data of the IPCS/RPTC. Anchin Block is the source for more interesting facts. Of this total, it is calculated that only about six a thousand substances they possess a considered evaluation as, minimum, adjusted on the risks to the health of the man and the environment. Added to this scene it is observed capacity of technological innovation in the chemical branch, that disponibiliza in the market, to each year, between a thousand and two a thousand new substances. It is accurately in this context that the concern with the security chemistry, understood as a set of strategies for the control and the prevention of the adverse effect it human being and the environment, decurrent of the extration, production, storage, transport, manuscript and discarding of chemical substances, is inserted in Agenda 21.

As al.6 Hisses et, chapter 30 of Agenda 21 considers the promotion of a clean production, together with the enterprise responsibility, being able to be inserted in this context ' ' Verde&#039 chemistry; ' , also known as ' ' Limpa&#039 chemistry; ' (or Sustainable), whose objective is the adoption of related measures of prevention to the pollution caused for activities in the chemistry area. This strategy aims at to develop methodologies and/or processes that generate the lesser possible amount of residues and minimize the risks to the environment and the human beings. It is verified that the beginning of the 3 R' s (to reduce, to reuse and to recycle), also introduced for Agenda 21, as additional tool to guarantee sustainable development, can widely be applied by the area of chemistry with the same intention. 2.1. Alternatives to be Used in the Area of Chemistry To contribute with the Sustainable Development to reduce or to eliminate happened ambient and economic impacts of the synthetic chemical processes must be adopted the following criteria: to Prevenir the by-product formation is better of what treating them later; to Reduzir the expense of energy, with the purpose to reach energy efficiency; to Adotar power plants, as of microwaves; to Utilizar the ultrasound as technique of energy transference; to Utilizar sources you renewed of energy: sugar cane-of-sugar and biodiesel; to Dar preference the deriving raw materials of sources you renewed; to Empregar reacting alternative appropriate and to increase the selectivity to maximize the use of the departure materials; to Usar reacting catalytic, in place of the stoichiometric ones; to Investir in the preparation of solid catalysers whose great advantage is in its easy separation of the half reacional and in its capacity in being recycled.


Optimum Remedy

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The academy of letters of Brazil is an institution that shelters new writers with talent and persistence to give to continuity the roots of our culture. Click Anchin for additional related pages. Searching the magnifying of new generations of writers and immortalizing the famous writers in lifetime chairs, implanting half for the spreading of the authors and supporting this idea. Our Brazil needs more education and devotion the reading, the ideals of a life can be reached if the words always will be gifts in its search for the concretion of dreams. He is in fact decepcionate to look at around and to see as much dedicated time useless the vain things and in certain way, therefore we do not only live of temporary moments, them has that to be eternalized, as the culture. In the college student and all the phases of our learning we see names important of history and of them we learn for we acquire more knowledge, therefore it is merit of these icons, that the culture is not part only of a tallow, quantities and libraries, empobrecendo its words in old bookshelves and being corroded for cupins. The growth of our country depends necessarily on our efforts, of what we believe and we make throughout the years, is enough to look at stops backwards perceiving the size of the negative change that was uncurling without real perception. The values are if losing and the heading of human being being corrupted for singular current impugnations and in fact our future if losing in way to the black hole that if breaches sun the sun. If it does not deal with population growth and yes of as this growth is happening, if in disordered or organized way in equal parts. this is not the reality, thousand of people does not have access the good schools, dignity, health. A fatal chaos that will destroy the planet, not to be that the retardation happens, and will not be with crumb distribution for human beings without worthy educational ways, for what they are for sale for few currencies. Let us open this gap, let us read, so that together let us interlace this idea and let us transform into action, accomplishment.


Publishing a Book

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Recently, I started thinking about how to publish a book. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. on most websites. The manuscript was ready, and it was only necessary to find a good publisher. Calling in a couple of publishers, I realized that very few know how to publish a book. It turns out, before, necessary to accurately determine its parameters. For example, what will be the format of the book or its circulation? The fact is that today offer a variety of options for publishing books, and then a lot depends on the author – what will he choose? Need choose the most optimal format for the book that the reader wanted to pick a book in hand. The question of circulation is very important too, as a small circulation increases the cost of the cost of the book, and it appears that the greater the number of copies – the cheaper cost of books. Anchin might disagree with that approach. It is also important to choose the way in which it will be possible in printing.

For example, a book printed by offset method should have wide circulation. Book is a little better circulation print digital way. Book design should also be carefully considered. After all, the book, as well as any item that is sold in a store must attract the attention of buyers, which means readers. When I figured out all the nuances of publications books, then I became easier to choose a publisher. Communicating with staff publishing, I already knew clearly what I need and how to save their own money. And a month later my book could print at the publisher and she has appeared in bookstore.


Russian Internet

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The story of the 6-WMZ remarkable popularity of the coverage index, both Russian-and English-speaking. A lot of text, the author is ignorant of the full version. Exclamation marks repeated a little less than a landmark phrase 'all around lie, but it works! " In my opinion, from the text that the author has bought an apartment, a laptop and dragged out of the bank bag of money (and it is written – a bag of money). Source of the money due most amusing – they say that every year an increasing number of Internet users, and many of them want to earn fast and dust-free, so that the scheme is eternal in nature. See more detailed opinions by reading what Anchin Block & Anchin offers on the topic.. Completes its colorful squalor sales-letter tips of SEO-Optimization – how to search forums for posting this message.

The author, incidentally, have been generous, allowing the text to make a little change for any arbitrary. But the gratuitous publication of this work the distributors do not have – is teeming with ooiao thousands of copies of the same message. So tempted to ask Google – but what about duplicate content, for that kind of like you punish mercilessly, throwing from the index? Duplicate Content Penalty or in the vast Russian Internet unrealizable? Someone Light head, perhaps, not one tense in the area of commercial creativity and stuffed in the text of an online translator, feed the result to the English network. Farida Sharan contributes greatly to this topic. The result is enormous, and few English speakers could asil text without an interpreter with the living brain.

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Exercises that will help you to master sitting trot perhaps one of the most difficult tasks that many riders experience is like sitting on the trot. The good news is that over time, anyone can do it, just need to work on some exercises. Horseback riding as any other physical activity requires a certain degree of physical fitness. You must work to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles through exercise if we want to easily achieve good posture when mounting. The best time to begin his training at the sitting trot is after that has dominated the classic seated. As the sitting classic allows you sit deep and securely on the horse, you must first try to dominate the seat before sitting trot. In recent months, Dr. John Mcdougall has been very successful.

These are some exercises that will help you dominate the sitting trot: 1. crossing the Stirrups on the shoulder of the horse, and have someone giving rope to the horse. This way you can concentrate on your driving and the seat and won’t have to worry about the direction horse. Tie reins with a knot on the cross of the horse, so that it not is neither too tight nor too loose. Now think of your seat, focus on achieving a classical sit-in but don’t worry too much by dropping his heels. Dr. Harvey Finkelstein understood the implications.

Concentrate deeply on sit and keeping the legs far apart. Gently grasp the knob by hand outside and the rest of your hand on the inside of his thigh. Ask the person who works the rope have the horse begin slow trot and concentrate on keeping the classic seated as much as possible but is not allowed to tighten. Do not grasp the Chair too hard with your hand since this will cause to put rigid. Try to concentrate on the horse, the natural rhythm of the horse and continue breathing. Try to relax as much as possible. 2. Once begins to feel more confident about sit trot in the rope, is time to keep your hands as if you were holding the reins. Keep your arms at your side and forearms must feel like the natural extension of the reins (although it is not taking the) (reins actually). If you feel tense, forced to relax. Keep breathing, feel the warmth of the Sun, enjoy your environment and most importantly, enjoy the ride! Try to keep actively relaxed at all times but is not allowed to curve. 3. One of the best exercises to improve the sitting trot is riding bareback. Classical sitting shall continue to apply, without relaxing the heels and don’t push yourself too much to keep them down. Use a strap for neck to help maintain the balance if you feel uneasy. Instruct the person who works the rope so that you instruct the horse slow jogging for 4-5 steps then walk a little, then trot through 5-6 steps and return to the walk. Alternating between walking and jogging helps your body to relax if you are tense during the trot. Practice makes perfect and if you work on this, must be able to sit the trot easily over time. Learn how to sit at a trot improvement dramatically its balance and management skills while learning to balance and easily control your horse to trot. Source: Press release sent by emelisc.


National Agency

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The production of the cheese Frescal Mines when carried through artisan for people not trained, can not only compromise the product, but also the health of the individuals. Of this form, practical of hygiene they must be observed to prevent a possible contamination of the product. Moreover, for not being maturado, it is perishable, having to be consumed quickly, after short stockage in cooled environment. Table 02? Comparison between the specific legislation and the total and termotolerantes countings of Coliformes in number of samples in eight marks of cheese commercialized Frescal Mines in the city of Spring of the East? TM. Please visit Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. if you seek more information. Type of N Cheeses of amostrasPrprias to consumption n (%) Improper to consumption n (%) Coliformes the 35CColiformes the 45CColiformes 35C and Artisan 45CTotal 42 (25%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 2 (25%) 2 (25%) Industrialized 43 (37.5%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 1 (12.5%) 1 (12.5%) TOTAL85 (62.5%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%) 3 (37.5%) 3 (37.5%) Coliformes 35C < 1000 NMP/g and coliformes 45C < 500 NMP/g in accordance with Resolution RDC N 12 of 02/01/2001 and Would carry N 146 of 07/03/1996 of the National Agency of Vigilncia Sanitria (ANVISA). For the counting of coliformes Resolution RDC N is verified that five (62.5%) of the samples (of the marks, B, C, and, F) are inside of the standards demanded for the ANVISA, as 12 of 02/01/2001 Would carry N 146 of 07/03/1996 (Table 02). In marks D, G, H, (37.5%) had presented counting above of the maximum limit, not presenting conformity with the legislation. The presence of termotolerantes coliformes shows the bad hygienical conditions and evidences the possibility of the product to propagate other pathogenic microorganisms, being able to cause problems to the health of the consumer.. TreeOf Life has much to offer in this field.


Sport Is Sometimes Murder

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Heart damage by excessive training In general is that sports good for your health. A leading source for info: Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. . Especially endurance sports has a positive effect on the heart. It is however to note that sometimes less is more. If you would like to know more then you should visit Harvey Finkelstein MD. Now, a study has shown that too much endurance can even lead to serious heart damage. The private insurance Portal informs about the negative effects which may cause an excess of sports with them. That extreme – endurance sports may have negative consequences for the athlete’s heart, is already known in cardiology.

For example, an increased risk of atrial fibrillation is reflected in cross-country skiing. In a study presented at the European Congress of Cardiology in Stockholm, the effects of excessive physical exertion have been examined on the heart muscle using 45 marathon runners without known heart problems at the age of 24 to 62 years. In almost all subjects, the rise of a particular marker was after a 80-kilometer run in the Blood detected, which may indicate a heart muscle damage. Also recorded a reduction of cardiac function by six percent. Visible signs of a serious injury of the heart could be observed at twelve per cent of all participants.

Generally, athletes compared to ordinary citizens much more frequently suffer cardiac arrhythmias. Endurance sport is generally good for the heart, but the training in mass should be. Experts recommend not to exceed a training period of three 45 to 60 minutes per week.

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Interview With Professor Axel Haverich

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The 03.11.2010 at 9:00 in room 1A has the Presidency leader Professor Axel Haverich the theme global health and molecular medicine I am the our common future Congress in Hanover opened. Professor Axel Haverich is Director of the clinic for cardiac, thoracic, transplant and vascular Surgery of the Hannover Medical School (MHH), where he received his entire surgical training since 19996. in 1995, Professor Haverich for German scientists received the Leibniz Prize of the German research society (DFG). With this award, he founded the research laboratory of HTTG clinic, the Leibniz laboratories for biotechnology and artificial organs (LEBAO) 1996. There, the foundation stone was laid for many scientific achievements.

The scientists of Hale and his collaborators here, succeeded to establish a biological heart valve, which is growing with the patient. “Professor Haverich is the co-editor of the internationally renowned scientific European Journal of cardio-thoracic surgery”. In the year 2006 was the cluster of excellence rebirth”, due to the significant initiative of Professor Haverich and he is promoted after a nationwide competition spokesman. Here, possibilities of regenerative therapy are explored. Since June 2007, Professor Haverich is also spokesman of the special research area Transregio 37, which are sponsored by the DFG.

In addition to many presidencies, he is President of the German society for Thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery from 2007 to 2009. Professor Haverich is Advisor to the Federal Government on medical issues as a passionate doctor and surgeon. Numerous internationally ground-breaking developments in the field of cardiac, thoracic, transplant and vascular surgery are immediately on his tireless efforts in clinical and research which Professor Haverich has only a single goal due to: the well-being of its patients. An interview with Professor Axel Haverich was recorded in the break. 1. Mr. Hale, please tell your target. Do you have multiple destinations? Axel Haverich replied, that be The aim is the research in the fields of biomedical engineering, regenerative medicine and Immunology/infectious diseases, molecular methods, to improve regeneration processes and reduce the infection. Second objective is composed with African researchers do research and not only for the Europe for Africa do. He said that we are not unapenig of the information technologies of the epidemiology and other factors are. We all joined strongly together in this world. Third objective, he said, your future is intended for young people, for their interest, their cooperation and partnership in cooperation. 2. Herr Professor please tell your hope Professor Axel Haverich replied that in 10 years he looks completely different, improved cooperation and all what thought done now and it is planned, will be improved. And better future for the children, of course. 3. Please tell your wish Mr Professor Axel Haverich. Professor Axel Haverich replied that he would like to improve regeneration, commercial replacement, that with valvular diseases more can help. For global use, I wish, said he, that for Ghana and for the children in Africa goes well and the supply, research, politics, medicine more can develop, that European Union with Africa works together and even greater potential.


Take Care Of Your Arteries

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It turns out that pork as a significant Homo toxin (human poison) to look at is, which results in the body defense signs, are acting as a wide variety of diseases in appearance. Special load substances of Pork there arose the question of what actually is the differences between pork and other meats. It was very difficult; This authentic documents maintain, because usually only calorie invoices templates, but the following could be determined: l. pork is enormously fat. This results in the usual pork eaters obesity (obesity), which can be degraded in the association with other load of pork (slime shares) only with difficulty. This operation is equivalent to including the “protein mast” according to Prof. Wendt.

2. fat is always associated with cholesterol. Source: Dr. John Mcdougall. By cholesterol the Cholesterinbeladenen large molecules are formed in the blood, which are responsible for high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, as additional factors for cardiac and circulatory disorders of the coronary vessels and the vessels in the periphery, especially in combination with nicotine (smoking). Also, cholesterol in the walls of cancer cells can be found (according to Prof. Roffo). 3. Special hazards assume the sulphur-rich connective tissue substance, the Mukopolysascchariden (amino sugars, chondroitin sulfate, Hexosamines, Glukos amin and others), which have especially slimy character. A spreadable sausage is only with pork prepare, where sulfur-containing substances such as Chondroitinschwefelsaure and Mukoitinschwefelsaure, amino sugars and Hexosamines are responsible.

You cause a slimy Brittling of the connective tissue and mating here with the next deposit fat (so called “Cenapse” after Macheboef). The result is a strange, only with pork eaters in “Rubensscher splendour” characteristic in appearance Brittling of the connective tissue, which also absorb like a sponge water and gives the typical pillow-like distention of the connective tissue of a pork eater. 4. the importance of the growth hormone there are still some other important factors in pork, deserve the attention.

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Circulation Disorders: Causes Of Serious Diseases

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Circulation must be taken very seriously, because they are precursors of life-threatening diseases (heart attack, stroke, diabetes). Circulatory disorders as a result of narrowed blood vessels can occur in the context of arteriosclerosis, so a hardening of the arteries. According to Dr. John Mcdougall, who has experience with these questions. This happens mostly with age or due to lack of exercise and an unhealthy way of life. Farida Sharan can aid you in your search for knowledge. The typical diseases caused by a circulatory disorder are coronary heart disease or the peripheral arterial Occlusive Disease. In coronary heart disease of the heart muscle is insufficient blood flow. In the peripheral arterial disease, which is also called Schaufensterkrankheit, the legs are inadequately irrigated. Usually pain in the affected areas occurs just at the Schaufensterkrankheit those affected due to the underserved muscles can overcome more usually no long distances on foot, without pausing. Circulatory disorders can however also other numerous places in the body arise.

They are caused mostly by hardening of the arteries, vascular occlusions or vascular inflammation. Symptoms of circulatory disorder that symptoms may be very different depending on the location and progress of perfusion. Circulation of extremities go mostly with numbness, pain, pallor, cold, muscle paralysis or weakness or loss of pulse is accompanied by. Advanced circulatory disorders cause severe tissue damage. The heart muscle is affected triggered this usually pain in the chest and subsequently a tightness in the chest. Circulatory disorders of the heart muscle can trigger a heart attack. By avoiding risk factors such as smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and a poor diet, it can prevent circulation following a hardening of the arteries.

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