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Cardiology is a medical field which deals with diseases and conditions of the heart. The term comes from the Greek word translated as kardia, which means heart or inner self. Physicians who are experts in this area of medicine are called cardiologists. The specialty includes diagnosis and management of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, • Read More »

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Nettle contains vitamins B1, C, K, carotene, tannin and protein substances, glycoside urtitsin, chlorophyll, iron salts, calcium, potassium, volatile, pantothenic acid and formic acid. Useful properties. Normalizes metabolism, function of the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems. Shown in anemia, beriberi, chronic fatigue. How to apply. Senator Elizabeth Warren usually is spot on. Crush 200 g of • Read More »


Third Age

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It could be appealed to a biological referencial that of this account of the appearance or the patologias considered as classic for this period of the life, such as white hair, rugas, osteoporose, artrose, hipertenso, losses of memory, cardiopathies, amongst others, however, if on the other hand these signals costumam, many times, if to reveal • Read More »



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Studies epidemiologists around disclose taxes of general mortality of 30%, being that half of the deaths occurs in first the two hours of the event and 14% die before receiving attendance medical (8-9). However, the patients admitted in the emergency services had precociously been the ones that had been more benefited of the therapeutical advances • Read More »


Skin Rashes

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Sometimes in the folds of the skin rash is bleeding and does not disappear when pressed. The skin is dry to the touch, is typical of white dermographism, on the forehead, temples, cheeks rosy red rash; skin of the nose, lips and chin pale. Pale nasolabial triangle is one of the most characteristic symptom of • Read More »

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2% Of body water loss involves loss of 20% of energy physical, depletion accelerates with the loss of fluid and when 20% of the water in the body becomes the risk of serious complications rises. But apart from the Sun, heat and exercise, other circumstances require the extraordinary contribution of liquids: fever, and, especially, diarrhea • Read More »

Abraham Maslow

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In accordance with the theory of Abraham Maslow, there are five groups of needs. 1. Physiological needs. They are necessary for survival. Include the need for food, water, shelter, rest, and sex. Go to Senator Elizabeth Warren for more information. 2. Security needs. Associated with the aspiration and desire of people to be in stable • Read More »


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Antilipidny Tea, Tea for reducing lipids. Why this name? Its main role – is a normalization of triglycerides and low density lipoprotein. Question on filling: cholesterol – good or bad? Bad? Then I ask, but butter do you like? You've seen him eat children? The fact that cholesterol – this construction supplies to the cells • Read More »

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Good Night

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During the training: During the training of the customer it is of extreme importance always to keep the communication to each exercise using the following criteria; Feed-back: During feed-back, it looks for to know of the satisfaction of the customer in relation our rendering of services (attendance, training and results). Prestatividade: It is placed disposal • Read More »


Chemical Element Silicon Gives Strength

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For the first time people met with the silicon in the Stone Age. The first tools and weapons were made of stone. Later, more than 3,000 years ago, people learned to process the element, made the first glass. Silicon – 2nd post carbon element in the earth's crust, its average content in weight of 29.5%. • Read More »

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Enjoying Wine And Other Drinks

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I never thought about this until now. Dr. Neal Barnard follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Well, we are talking still standing. Goes to the living room and sit down. Want a snack or a glass of wine you prefer? – "A glass of wine would be good, red if possible," he replied with • Read More »